Thursday, September 01, 2005

RUB A Dub, We Love Their Grub, 9/1/05

Continuing with JB's golf fixation, we spent the first part of our evening at the driving range of Chelsea Piers. After JB had hit 200 balls and I read through Golf for Women a few times, it was time for me to be in charge.

JB was tired and hungry, still I dragged him from 11th Ave & 18th St to 7th Ave & 23rd St so we could get some grub at RUB.

RUB (stands for Righteous Urban barbecue) is one of the many BBQ places that has sprouted this year in hopes of bringing real BBQ to NYC. So far, they're blowing the competition away.

My only fear was that they wouldn't have ribs, I had heard that they run out of items quickly. So before we sat down I immediately asked the hostess the food status. We were told they had everything except buns (go figure) and rib tips.

We were starving so we ordered quickly, ribs and a meat platter with brisket, sausage, greens and onion strings. We also agreed to share everything.

After JB had finished his sweet tea, plus about three free refills, the food arrived and we dove in right away. The baby back ribs rocked. Seasoning was perfect and no sauce was necessary. I wished I hadn't agreed to split the order.

The brisket on the meat platter was so good that we both decided that RUB will be catering this year's Rosh Hashanah dinner. It's Kosher right?

The sausage seemed a bit off and JB pointed out that it was probably the caraway seeds. I'm not a fan of rye bread either.

The sides were adequate, although I agree with other reviews that they could use a macaroni & cheese or mashed potato side dish. Their offerings consist only of coleslaw, fries, beans or potato salad in addition to the greens and onion strings.

We still managed to eat everything, but sadly did not have room for their one dessert, one of my favorites, Fried Oreos.

A few years ago, after too many glasses of Chianti at the San Gennaro festival, I ditched my friends in search of a fried oreo. My friends found me covered in powdered sugar with a big grin on my face and oreo in my teeth. I really think that they are an awesome dessert. I will have to go back to try them.

In fact, we can't wait to go back. There's a lot more meat to be had including pulled pork, St. Louis ribs and barbecued chicken. And next time, I'm saving room for the fried oreos and I'm not sharing!

Until we eat again, KLB

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