Thursday, September 22, 2005

F & B, More F than B, 9/22/05

I was lucky enough to meet my friend Vanessa for a quick (read quick especially for those at my new job) for lunch today.

We chose F & B, the haute hot dog place for lunch since it was near both of our offices. I had been several times with JB but not recently and its has gone way downhill.

The first thing I noticed when I got there, late - sorry!, was that the menu was different. Apparently the low-carb craze is over at F & B. I used to order something called "Little Pups" which was mini hot dogs with mustard, no bun, and a side of green beans. High fat, low carbs - perfect.

To my dismay the Little Pups were no longer, so I opted for chicken fingers. The green beans were still on the menu, thankfully, and I ordered those, too.

Vanessa seemed confused by the menu but settled on a veggie dog and sweet potato fries.

We headed outside to a table on 52nd Street to sit in the shade and enjoy a few minutes in the last few hours of sumer.

Vanessa got our food and brought me two breaded dishes. I suddenly realized that the beans now had breading. Why? They were so good and garlicky before. Now the breading almost separated from the bean. Gross.

The chicken fingers, which resembled french fries, were tasty so I concentrated on those.
Vanessa picked at her veggie dog but finished it. She did enjoy her SP fries.

So to sum up a quick meal quickly, closer to an F than a B.

Until we eat again, KLB


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