Friday, September 27, 2013

Burgers, Ramen & Ices: Here & There, New York, NY

Where better to spend the last day of summer than foodie hopping in NYC.  Back when JB and I were full-time city residents, this was a favorite pastime.  It still is, but now our group is a little bigger and involves a stroller.  We had less stops so we had to make them count.


Stop #1: Naruto Ramen

This was a JB-stop only.  Not that I don’t like ramen (I don’t love it though), but Big Z and Little D are not fans, so JB went solo.  Lucky him.  He had 30 peaceful minutes eating/sluriping Miso Ramen. Naruto Ramen is a small noodle shop with a few tables and even fewer seats at the counter-JB opted for takeout on the bench outside.  (Note to self: Do not try this in the winter. )

The restaurant separates the takeout soup into two containers, one for the broth and the other for the junk.  The junk here includes the homemade ramen noodles, roast pork, fish cake, bamboo shoots, corn and bean sprouts.  And butter. Yes, butter.  Combine and eat. 

1596 3rd Ave

New York, NY



Stop #2: People’s Pops

Our adventures took us playground visiting in the East Village.  We were hot and needed ice cream.  Knowing that we were having burgers for dinner, I tried to steer us towards something lighter.  People’s Pops did the trick.  

This outside stand on the corner of 1st Avenue may not be the best location given the abundance of homeless people and tourists, including a drag queen-led tour, 
but it works.   One man sits at his perch with a massive block of ice.  He shaves the ice and he douses it with your favorite flavor.  We opted for Lemon Mint.  Yum.  And light. And perfect. 

Our younger set chose the more tame strawberry popsicle that was a combination of mik, strawberries and sugar.  The drippy chins were proof of love. 

Check out their website because you too can enjoy this goodness.  They sell their wares at local gourmet markets in the NY area.  

118 1st Ave
New York, NY



Stop #3: 5 Napkin Burger 

And finally it was burger time.  I’d read so much about 5 Napkin Burger that I was drooling when we walked in.  I wanted my burger now. 

Big Z selected a big round table and our drooling continued as we looked over the menu.  So many burgers, so little time.  I could have had anything on the menu.  But I was here for one thing.  The Original.

Now I’m the kind of person that usually needs to alter my meal in some way.  Put something on the side, add something on top – but tonight I was having the Original and I was having it as is. 

Gruyere, sautéed onions and rosemary aioli atop the 10 ounces of beef on a soft white roll.   The Original is the one that is supposed to require 5 napkins.  It doesn’t.  Yes, the combination was good but something was missing.  Salt? Pepper? Maybe.  I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

JB felt the same about his classic cheese.  Good, but not a Wow. 

I think, though, that we’ll be back.  The boys loved their burgers and fries.  The cheddar tots were interesting, although I could have used a few more.  And the place is just cool – adorned with subway tiles and bare light bulbs. 

The menu is big enough for another shot.

150 E. 14th Street

New York NY



Until our Next Berger,


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Post-Golf Lunch: Fairway Restaurant, Sagaponack, NY

When you think golf in the Hamptons, you see dollar signs. Most of the time, that’s true. But not at the Poxabogue Golf Center in Sagaponack. This 9-hole course can usually be played for as little as $20, so when JB saw an online special for $5, golf was the new plan for the day. And the minute Big Z came off the course, he had to eat. Luckily, they had a restaurant at the course.

The Fairway Restaurant is really a diner that specializes in breakfast and lunch. It is predominantly a crowd of regulars going for eggs or one of their post-golf specials (there are 9 of those, get it?). But these are rich regulars.

Big Z and Little D each had a hamburger and fries, I had a cup of chili and JB had an iced tea (shocking I know, but he had eaten a bacon, egg and cheese about 90 minutes earlier). $40 later I felt that I had been taken.

The burgers were fine, good even. Fries were soggy and greasy. The “famous chili” was like drinking taco meat. I couldn’t tell you about the iced tea.

Oh well, at least golf was cheap.

Until we eat again,

Fairway Restaurant
@ Poxabogue Golf Center
3556 Montauk Highway
Sagaponack, NY

No website for the restaurant, but here’s the link for the course.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Berger Review!: Bay Burger, Sag Harbor, NY

Every time I go to Bay Burger, I am upset.  Why can’t this establishment be closer to me!  If you think about all of the burgers on the East End, their burger is up towards the top of the list.  In fact, the whole restaurant, though not fancy by any means, should be one of the top 10 restaurants in the Hamptons. Here’s why. 

Located on Sag Harbor Turnpike, just a few miles south of the village of Sag Harbor and a few miles north of the Children’s Museum of the East End (CMEE) in Bridgehampton, Bay Burger is a Mecca for both kids and adults.

JB and I started going to Bay Burger when it opened in 2007.  And we keep going, visit after visit. We even had Little D’s first birthday party in their back dining room. 

Standing on line to order, you can tell this is not just your typical burger joint.  Yes, they have burgers and fries, but their burger is made with beef that is ground fresh onsite every day.  Their brioche bun, also homemade daily, comes with a tiny sprinkle of sea salt on the top.  And their toppings are local, fresh and delicious.  While their burgers are hard to resist, you also can’t go wrong with a BLT, falafel or grilled cheese.

On a recent visit, I ordered a swiss burger with the bun on the side and an order of tots (yes, tater tots!).  My burger came draped in cheese yet it seemed unbelievably light.  Unlike most restaurants that cook burgers on a flattop, Bay Burger uses an actual grill, so the fat drips off resulting in a lighter-tasting burger.  After one bite of the brioche bun that was on the side, I realized that I had to eat the whole thing, and quickly wanted another.  Tots were obviously amazing.  Tough to go wrong with tots.

JB opted for the crisp chicken sandwich that came coated in a spicy buffalo sauce with a blue cheese dressing.  While JB would also ordinarily get the burger, he’s been trying to see if he can find a better chicken sandwich than the one he had at Rebecca’s on Block Island.  So far he can’t. 

The boys went for burgers and fries, per usual, and JB and I were hoping they wouldn’t finish so we could have their leftovers.  No such luck.

And because we couldn’t resist, we got one serving of their Joe & Liza’s vanilla ice cream.  This homemade treat is the perfect ending to a burger feast. 

Until our next Berger, KLB

Bay Burger

1742 Sag Harbor Turnpike

Sag Harbor, NY



Side Dish: Good news! Bay Burger is now open year-round!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hola Mexico: La Brisa de Tacombi, Montauk, NY

Within minutes of docking in Montauk after our two day stint in Block Island, I was ready for dinner.  We hadn’t been to Montauk all summer and I’d been collecting a list of new establishments to try.  La Brisa was at the top of the list. 

If Tacombi is the flagship  New York City version, then La Brisa is the Montauk cousin.  Being that’s it is in Montauk, the atmosphere is laid back and surf-like and with a fish-heavy menu.

We dove in. We had to try their guacamole with homemade chips.  Now JB makes a killer homemade guac, so our bar is very high, and this guac passed the bar – excellent.  Lots of lime, not too much garlic and just overall a winner. 

We each had two tacos.  Each taco comes with two made-that-day tortillas.  The restaurant recommends ordering 3 tacos per person, but since we had the guac (and a side of excellent rice), we scaled back. 

I chose steak and shrimp, both had a spicy kick to them with fresh ingredients.  JB chose chicken mole and steak. We both agreed that we could have had more.  I guess the restaurant was right. 

The restaurant is planning to stay open year-round, I hope they do, otherwise I’ll be running to New York City for my next taco fix. 

La Brisa de Tacombi

752 Montauk Highway

Montauk, NY


Block Island Highlights: Here and There, Block Island, RI

As we neared the end of our 2-week Staycation, it was time for a change of scenery.  Block Island seemed an ideal choice.  For those of you who have never been or don’t know, Block Island is a small island (obv.) off the coast of Rhode Island.  Accessible only by boat or plane, we chose to travel there via high-speed ferry from Montauk.   A quick 1-hour trip helped get us into vacation-mode and we hit the dock running.  We packed in as much as we could in our 2 days.  Here are the highlights (and lowlights):


I wouldn’t say that eating was the main purpose of the trip, but we were lucky to have some terrific meals during our stay.

-          Rebecca’s Takeout:  Our first stop. Picnics tables are de rigeur here.  JB had the tasty, but small lobster roll.  My grilled tuna sandwich was super-fresh, although not as rare as I would have preferred.  JB decided to go for another round and had the popular and delicious – buffalo chicken finger sandwich.  That’s right, he went from a lobster roll to a chicken finger sandwich.  And, believer it or not, it was an awesome move.  The servers claim that it is popular both late night and for breakfast.  I understand why; it is a winning combination. 

435 Water Street, Old Harbor


-          Blocks of Fudge:  For me any beach vacation needs to involve fudge.  JB and I came to this small candy shop on our last visit to Block Island in 2000 and we both still remembered it.  The proprietor is a character and put up with our antics as we picked out 5 different fudge flavors for our sampler 1 ¼ lb. box.  Snickers was far and away the best flavor followed by a tie with plain chocolate and cookie dough.  JB loved the maple walnut and neither of us cared much for the Oreo. 

459 Chapel St, Old Harbor


-          Hotel Manisses: We decided to splurge on a nice dinner, it was vacation after all. But we had no idea that we would have such a fine dining experience.  The Hotel Manisses is an older hotel, slightly up the hill from the center of town.  I was expecting to have some kind of continental meal, perhaps with an emphasis on seafood.  I was blown away by the innovative dishes that ranged from Vietnamese Pho to vegan.  We could not decide what to order, so we chose 4 courses, all to share.  And a bottle of Malbec to accompany it.

1.       Heirloom Tomato Asian Pear Gazpacho: For some reason, I have not had enough gazpacho this summer. That was a mistake.  JB took the first crack at this which was topped with blue crab (that I don’t care for).  Light on the oil, heavy on the produce, perfection in a cup.

2.       Sashimi Tuna-Mango Poke & Halibut-Yuzu Ceviche: This two-part dish well-complemented the gazpacho and the yuzu flavor was strong, yet not overpowering.  The sashimi was nicely sliced and as fresh as can be.

3.       Lobster Raviolos: When in Block Island, eat lobster.  I wasn’t sure if I would like this dish and it wound up being my favorite of them all.  Two large raviolo were stuffed with lobster and ricotta, and topped with a lobster caprese salad.  This dish is worth traveling to Block Island for.

4.       Moroccan Scallops: JB was especially interested in these scallops as they were procured from George’s Bank, a very deep part of the Atlantic.  They were incredible, large but not chewy and well-spiced.  To offset the spice, quinoa and wilted spinach accompanied the dish.  This was JB’s favorite. While I adored the scallops, I was disappointed in the blandness of the sides.

And, yes, the Berger boys did sit through this meal.  While the Manisses serves excellent, fine dining meals, they do cater to children, too.  A big bowl of pasta, a few refills of the bread and butter (and maybe an iPad or two) and JB and I were able to enjoy this special meal. 

5 Spring Street, Old Harbor
401. 466.2421

-          Froozies:   A few doors down from our hotel was Froozies Juice Bar &  Café, located at the back of the National Hotel.  An ad in one of those local tourist magazines featured breakfast burritos and I was intrigued.  What I didn’t realize that this is a vegetarian place, so while I could have said burrito, it would have no bacon or any meat for that matter.  That being said, JB was somewhat disappointed in his egg and cheese sandwich – mainly because it was lacking bacon.  I, however, loved my burrito of egg whites, tomatoes, pesto and mozzarella. This was the fuel I needed to bike the island.

26 Dodge Street, Old Harbor



-          The Oar:  As our final on-island meal, we took our bikes to the Oar.  Keep in mind it was a Thursday, after Labor Day and there was a wait for lunch.  This is one popular spot. Right on the water in the Old Harbor, we sat at the picnic tables playing cornhole waiting for our table. 

The restaurant is literally covered in oars.  Patrons donate their oars each summer and they are nailed up on the walls.  JB wants to put one up next time.  This place looks like it will be a dive bar with average food, but it's not.  They actually have the best sushi on the island to go with some pretty tasty seafood. 

JB went the dive bar route with a bowl of New England Clam Chowder and a BLT (he really had missed that bacon from breakfast I guess), and washed it down with a can of PBR.  I went for the sushi side of the menu getting truffle lobster avocado tacos and a spicy tuna roll.  The tacos were small (as the waitress had explained), yet full of flavor.  And the spicy tuna roll was well made and enhanced with cucumbers.  It certainly wasn’t Nobu, but it was the ideal meal after a long bike ride with still a few miles to go.  And a place that should be on everyone’s Block Island go-to list. 

221 Jobs hill Rd, New Harbor



I will not be returning to our hotel, the Water Street Inn.  Big Z, walked into our room, and asked, “Um, why is this room so small?” Small, wasn’t really the issue, although it was pretty small. Instead, it was the fact that the room had not been thoroughly cleaned (we found candy bar wrappers underneath the bed that we definitely did not consume), the A/C unit was so loud it kept us up and the lock on the door was barely functional.  But for 1 night, a location right in town and a low price of $130 (less than the cost of the round trip ferry!), we were fine. 


There is enough to do on Block Island to keep a family busy for a whole week, or even a whole month.  Other than eating, we focused on two things: Beaching and Biking. 

The beach is always a destination for us Bergers.  We chose to go to Ballard’s Beach because it was just a 5 minute walk from our hotel AND it has bar-service on the beach.  I’m sure it’s not the nicest beach on the island, and it is a “daytripper” destination. Did I mention that there was bar-service on the beach?

JB did not want to go biking.  He wanted to rent a moped.  They sometimes call Block Island the “Bermuda of the North”.  We compromised that he would rent a bike, if I pulled both boys on a trailer behind my rented bike.  Some compromise. 

Block Island is not even 10 square miles, but it felt like I biked 100.  Pulling 80 pounds of Berger boys uphill is no easy feat.  It was worth the pain, though, to explore more of the island including the South East Lighthouse which has magnificent views.  And the boys especially loved the Abrams Animal Farm which has exotic animals (read: cross-breeds) including my personal favorite, the Zedonk – half-zebra, half-donkey. Plus, we were able to burn off some of the calories consumed on the trip.


If  you are planning a trip, a simple Google search will get you most of what you need to know about Block Island (other than Bergers & More, of course).  But the New York Times never fails me, especially this great article about late summer in Block Island

Until our next Berger Adventure,



Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Another BBQ Lunch and Dessert: Bobbique and Queen City Cupcakes, Patchogue, NY

Another vacation day, another lunch out. As the clock is ticking on summer, we found ourselves in the town of Patchogue today about 20 miles west of the Hamptons.

Patchogue has in recent years undergone a renaissance of sorts. The main street now houses good restaurants, interesting shops and refurbished theatre. Fresh off our BBQ lunch at Townline last week, JB was eager for some comparison eating at Bobbique. Note: I was sort of still full from last week

The restaurant was relatively empty but that didn't deter us. Big Z insisted on one of the 2 booths in the window which to our delight was right in front of their vast beer list. I was thirsty and jumped at the opportunity to enjoy a Bronx Pale Ale with my lunch. JB, ever the golfer, chose an Arnie Palmer and had at least 3 free refills much to the server's dismay.

I couldn't do another heavy meal, so I chose the BBQ shrimp platter. Each platter comes with 2 sides, and in hopes of sharing with my boys, I selected Mac & cheese and corn on the cob.
I wasn't quite sure what to expect but I was happy to receive 3 skewers of shrimp brushed lightly with BBQ sauce. The shrimp were well cooked and flavorful. The Mac & Cheese came in a small cup and was homemade. Little D devoured the corn.

JB's order, per usual, was meat-heavy. A half-rack of St. Louis ribs was meaty but too saucy for me. His sides of potato salad and coleslaw looked mayonaisse-y from my seat, but spot according to JB.

The boys, surprise, had a burger and fries. This kids burger came in 2 patties and was well-seasoned.

And because we were exploring we went down the street for dessert at Queen City Cupcakes. This quaint shop is part bakery, part housewares store. It was a little too dainty for my family, JB muttered "bull in a china shop" so we hightailed it out of there before anything was broke with a bag full of treats. A large black and white cookie, a rainbow cookie and a brown butter salt cookie. Everything sounded and looked good but the only true winner was the black & white. Maybe a cupcake would have been a better choice.

Until our next Berger,

70 W. Main Street
Patchogue, NY 11772

Queen City Cupcakes
62 W. Main Street
Patchogue, NY 11772

Labor Day Fun: John Scott's, Westhampton Beach, NY

John Scott's is a summer tradition. A glorified shack across the street from the ocean, John Scott's is only open in the summer and there's no better place to temporarily forget your troubles. Unfortunately, it's not a secret and cars can line Dune Road waiting to get in on any given day. Some people are there just to drink, others just to eat, but usually, it's both.

Over the years, I've had most of the items on the menu. And some visits have been better than others, so my expectations were low. This Labor Day weekend may have been one of the beat meals I've had here, ever.

It was an even number of kids vs. adults, 3 vs. 3, so while each of the boys had a burger and fries, the adults split an order of mussels. Mussels are something I rarely order and then when I do I remember that I should order them more often. The mussels at John Scott's are in a rich tomato sauce. The dish comes with bread to help mop up the sauce but JB started using the boys' discarded hamburger buns, too. (That's a sign that he liked it!)

For my main course I had the shrimp Caesar salad. I though maybe if I was lucky I'd get 4 shrimp, and I got double that on a skewer over a well-made salad with just the right amount of dressing. I felt so lucky as I washed down my salad with my Corona light listening to the acoustic guitar player overlooking Moriches Bay. For about 2 minutes. Then Big Z was up and running, but for 2 minutes it was one of those perfect summer moments.

Just a side note, JB also had a burger and declared it straight-from-the-freezer terrible and fishy tasting.

Next time he'll follow my lead.

Until our next Berger,

John Scott's Surf Shack
540 Dune Road
Westhampton Beach, NY 11978
No website, but check out their Facebook page.

A Southampton Date Dinner: Tutto Il Giorno, Southampton, NY

Our 2-week long vacation, well mostly staycation, only afforded us one kid-free night, so I chose a place that had long been on my list - Tutto Il Giorno in Southampton. On a Thursday evening in late August it was hopping. Their reservation policy is only same-day reservations accepted, so I dialed right at 11AM and secured an 8PM table. When we arrived they were at least a dozen people waiting as we breezed in.

The restaurant is candlelit yet loud with tables close together and relatively hectic service. It does have a Rome meets the beach kind of vibe.

We went straight for drinks. And feeling Italian, I had a prosecco and JB had his perennial favorite, the Aperol spritz.

The menu is comprised of antipasti, pasta (primi) and meat (secondi). Many of the antipasti looked good but ordinary. Yes, the burrata and their tuna tartar were tempting, but I felt pressed to go for pasta. We opted for 2 primis and 1 secondi, all to share.

JB is a traditional pasta eater. He always wants to try the most simple dish. He's a fan of less is more. Their spaghetti with tomatoes nailed it. A few ingredients - homemade spaghetti, in season tomatoes, basil, delicious olive oil - made this a standout dish. Our second primi was a heavier dish, a wider noodle called Paccheri with a beef ragu. This dish was HOT, not spicy hot, but temperature hot. When it cooled down, the pasta remained al dente, howver the meat was overlooked and lacked seasoning. 

We shared a grilled branzino as our main course. The dish came split into two plates, which always makes life easier for sharing. JB declared the fish perfectly cooked (although I did find a few fish bones). Ratatouille accompanied the fish, which after watching the movie so many times, was a pleasure to actually eat. I will say though that once our dishes were placed at our table we did not hear from our server for a very long time. This was definitely the dinner rush part of the evening. My glass of rose which I had ordered after we finished our pasta came just before dessert. JB's vodka martini came during the fish course, but still not soon enough.

Things calmed down for dessert with a well-executed molten chocolate cake and an espresso for JB. As previously mentioned, I had my rose.

Looking back, I enjoyed the meal - the scene, the food, the drinks and certainly the company. But the service was really quite bad, and for a meal that exceeded $200, it should have been better.

I should mention that one of the owners of the restaurant is Gabby Karan DeFelice, daughter of Donna Karan, and I've heard that this can be a celebrity hotspot even though we didn't see any. This is the restaurant's second location. The first is a few miles away in Sag Harbor. Come fall, a third location is set to open in Tribeca. I'm sure the food will be just as good but I hope the service improves.

Until our next Berger,

Tutto Il Giorno
56 Nugent Street
Southampton, NY 11968

No website ....but some good info on

Square & Round: L & B Spumoni Gardens, Brooklyn, NY

Maybe it was the much-hyped VMAs, but I was feeling Brooklyn this week. And what better place to get your Brooklyn on than at L & B Spumoni Gardens. 

About 5 years ago, JB and I were obsessed with a show called Man vs. Food. The show's host was from, you guessed it, Brooklyn, and he criss-crossed the country taking on small food challenges, like consuming 20 inferno-hot spicy chicken wings in 5 minutes or eating a 5-lb cheeseburger. The show didn't last that many seasons, mostly because of health concerns for the host. But what did last was my memory of one particular spot he visited -- L & B Spumoni Gardens in his hometown. And this week, we finally went. 

L & B Spumoni Gardens is an institution of sorts. Founded it 1939, it is an Italian restaurant, pizza place and ice cream shop all-in-one on a corner of a not so trendy area of Brooklyn. Let's just say it's close to Coney Island. This is a place worth traveling to and the throngs of people who frequent this establishment agree.  As we sat outside at one of many picnic tables we saw everything from soccer moms to EMTs to, well, us.

The draw here is Spumoni and pizza or pizza and Spumoni. Depending on your priorities.

First, the pizza. There are two kinds: square and round. Round is your traditional cheese pie- it is good, but average. The square, however, is the star. I mean star. A traditional Sicilian slice it is not. The secret to their success is that when they make the pizza, they put the cheese (mozzarella) IN BETWEEN the crust and the sauce and then more cheese (pecorino romano) on top. This produces a sort of yummy gooeyness inside with a nice crispy, thick crust. Note to any other pizza makers: Try this. 

JB made two trips to the pizza window for us, the second batch of slices were even better than the first. Next to the pizza window is the ice cream window.  In addition to the Spumoni in their name they also have ices and regular ice cream. We tried it all. 
JB opted for a vanilla spumoni which also had pistachio ice cream and chunks of the nut in it. I shared a lemon ice with Little D and Big Z opted for a plain-old vanilla soft serve. While the spumoni was good and somewhat obligatory, we all believed the ices were the best. So we got a coconut ice to share which was even better than the lemon ice. 

We left L & B with full bellies, vowing to come back. Next time, I want to try the Italian food with a slice of square and an ice on the side.

Until our next Berger,

L & B Spumoni Gardens
2725 86th Street Brooklyn, NY 11223

Vacation Lunch:Townline BBQ and Levain Bakery, Sagaponack & Wainscott,NY

To me vacation is all about lunch. Most of my non-vacation lunches are had sitting at a desk shoving some kind of salad down my throat while on a conference call - on mute, of course. So when JB suggested a lunch at Townline BBQ, I was in.

Townline BBQ is a roadhouse of sorts, albeit a Hamptons roadhouse, with counter service and awesome BBQ. Technically, it is in the village of Sagaponack - between East Hampton and Bridgehampton - and at 12:30 on a hot summer Wednesday, it was packed. So packed, in fact, that we had to wait 10 minutes for a parking spot. Like I said, it is a Hamptons roadhouse.

The inside is super casual with a long communal picnic table down the middle and more individual tables down the sides. The "No kids allowed" bar has flat screen TVs, a dart board and a pool table, but we'd have to save that for another day. (Actually, we've had pretty amazing winter bar specials here in the past like $1 sliders and .25 cent wings. I hope they have them again this winter.) JB ordered while I secured a table for the 4 of us. He came back with an abundance of meat:
- 1 order of burnt ends
- 1 order of short ribs
- 1 order of brisket
- 1 order of fries

The burnt ends are typically my favorite. I'm a sucker for anything burnt. Strange, I know. While these were burnt, they were a bit too saucy on this visit. I like burnt and dry, perhaps in homage to my mom's cooking. (Sorry, Mom!) The brisket was dry and good, but ordinary when compared to the short ribs. I later learned that JB had recieved a reccomendation from the Pitmaster. They were perfect and huge. The closer to the rub, the better it tasted. I hope that JB can recreate this at home. Fries looked good, little D liked them the best. I did not partake.

Because we hadn't eaten enough, we had to stop at Levain Bakery down the road in Wainscott for their famous chocolate chip walnut cookie. They call it a cookie, but at $4 this "cookie" is like a blondie and cookie combined into one. It is massive and when you bite into it, it is still soft on the inside with the walnuts giving it the perfect amount of crunch. It must be 1,000 calories, so I'm proud to say that we didn't finish it in one sitting, but I wanted to. FYI, Levain in Wainscott is only open in high season, but you can indulge each and every day at one of their two locations in NYC, either on the Upper West Side or in Harlem.

And with that I made a promise to myself to be back to salads for lunch - after vacation.

Until our next Berger,

Townline BBQ
3593 Montauk Highway
Sagaponack, NY 11962

Post-season be sure to check their hours/days of operation and those winter bar specials.

Levain Bakery
354 Montauk Highway
Wainscott, NY 11975

See their website for other locations.