Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Alison (Bridgehampton), 3/11

Another weekend, another prix-fixe. I'm not getting tired of it, because in a month or two the Hamptons will be mobbed and I'll be barbecuing on my deck instead of eating at fine restaurants.

This weekend we tried one that has been on both of our lists for quite some time, Alison in Bridgehampton. Alison used to be in Sagaponack, and was on the beach, and there was also one in the city, but no longer. Instead, the restaurant is housed in a charming white house just off of Montauk Highway.

We were there early to take advantage of the deal, $19.95 for two selected courses, or $26.95 for three if you order before 7:00. Selections were limited and they make you suffer through the same menu and just tell you what you can have. Smart (and tricky if you ask me). We both wanted something else, but felt we should try to stick to the PF for our first time. If we loved it, we could always come back in the summer and pay retail.

We each chose the mixed greens salad (over the alternate of soup) and it was extraordinarily fresh, albeit a bit boring.

Dinner options were a flounder and a chicken. JB opted for the flounder which came with fennel and truffle risotto, while I opted for a simple chicken with mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts. Everything was good, but nothing was stellar. The chicken lacked flavor and the MPs were bland. JB enjoyed his flounder, but I, again, thought it could have had more of a kick to it.

We decided to skip dessert. Nothing looked too terrific, although we had the full run of the dessert menu which I appreciated.

All in all, it was a nice meal, but I don't think I'll suffer through the summer, weekend prices of $28 - $35 for an entree. The room never filled up.

As we drove home, we passed the Almond where the week before we'd had another terrific prix-fixe meal. Theirs is $19.95 for 3 courses and I think better all around. And just to compare, they were packed.

Until we eat again, KLB