Monday, October 31, 2005

The Bergers are Back! 10/31/05

Friends and fans,

We're back. The past 4 weeks have been a whirlwind of healthy food, fast food and downright boring food. Seriously, I was close to becoming Jared after all the Subway sandwiches I consumed. But the good news is we saved a few bucks and shed a few pounds, so we can't complain.

Below is a quick snapshot of some of the more memorable meals. Trust me there are more to come and soon!

- Amber (NYC): I became obsessed with takeout sushi and jumped at the chance to order from this newish spot on the Upper East Side while visiting Jenn at her new (and awesome) apartment. Sushi was fresh but delivery was slow. I'll have to take JB there one night before the movies.

- Cottonwood (Boston): My co-workers and I had an hour before our flight so we had a late lunch at this Tex-Mex restaurant Back Bay. I thought it was unremarkable, I had some type of salad, and therefore was shocked when I logged on to citysearch where it is highly rated. Must be a Boston thing. (Note: To all in Boston, it was just a day trip, I will call next time there is an evening involved)

- Babette's (East Hampton): This was one of our super healthy meals. I dined on egg whites and fruit on the patio watching East Hampton go by. JB scoped for talent. I hear its mobbed here in season.

- Mt. Fuji (South Hampton): More Sushi. JB was excited to sit at the tatami-like table. I was a little tuna'ed out. JB's sushi platter though was better than expected. No crab stick (Yeah!)

- Caffe Linda (NYC): Lunch with Mom and Dad was rushed, but the atmosphere is great for Midtown Manhattan. Only a block from my office, it was the perfect place to forget about the workday for a little while. The food not stellar and my shrimp salad was miniscule, but that wasn't the point. I bet the pasta is good.

- Baby Moon (West Hampton Beach): Finally, some real food! JB had spaghetti and meatballs, I had baked eggplant. They give you a lot including salad, garlic knots and bruschetta. It almost made up for the REALLY BAD service. Almost.

- Tir Na Nog (NYC): We missed the train, I lost JB in Penn Station, I was a wreck. We went to Tir Na Nog to calm down. Two beers later, some baseball, a lot of U2 fans and chicken fingers, it was the best thing that happened all week.

We also tried something different this month: home cooking! Two standouts were JB's tilapia and Christie's salmon. I don't even like salmon and I liked this.

I'm taking recommendations on where to go next. Obviously I have my list, but if there's a place you want to know more about, send us! After this past month the Bergers are ready for some amazing meals.

Until we eat again, KLB

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Tsuki, 10/4/05

So for New Year's Part II, we were full. After a night of brisket, chopped liver and gefilte fish and a lunch of hot dogs and pastrami, our pants were bursting. But you have to eat, especially on the Jewish holiday.

We thought sushi was the next best thing to a traditional Jewish homecooked meal. So we met JB's mom at Tsuki on 1st Avenue and 75th street for some simple and tasty fish.

Like I said, we wanted to eat light so it was raw fish all around.

I had tuna over a bed of rice and JB and his mom has sashimi.

The sushi at Tsuki is high quality. You pay more for it sure, but it's worth it. They have some of the best white tuna around.

It's a great place before a movie or a weeknight dinner. There is no atmosphere to speak of, but you're not there for the experience, you're there for the food.

Try it some time.

Until we eat again, KLB

Happy New Year at Katz's Deli, 10/4/05

JB and I conveniently chose to celebrate the New Year at a temple on the Lower East Side. Convenient because it was only two blocks from Katz's Deli. And that's where we headed after services yesterday.

I'd technically never eaten there. Sure, I'd been in a few times, I think JB may have bought a hot dog, but this was my first official experience.

It was mobbed. And it was a Tuesday at 1:30PM. Tourists clutched their maps as we fought our way through the lines.

At Katz's you get a ticket and then go to a specific line depending on what you want to eat. At the line they mark your ticket and at the end of the meal you hand in the ticket and pay. Some system.

We first headed to the hot dog line and the drinks line. Two hot dogs and two Dr. Brown's. We were in full swing and ready for our next course.

JB needed pastrami. I abhor it, so we compromised with a soup and half sandwich deal. I had the matzoh ball soup, JB had half a pastrami sandwich.

The matzoh balls were nice and firm and the soup just salty enough. JB kvelled over his pastrami.

Here's the thing about Katz's. It's crazy and it's expensive. Don't go for a quick bite or a cheap snack. Go for the experience and what a better time than New Year's Day.

Until we eat again, KLB

Tello's, 9/30/05

Every once in awhile, you happen upon a big group dinner. You know the type - long table, new people, lots of wine.

Friday night we found ourselves in the epitome of the group dinner. Lindsay and Carter, recently married, were up in NYC from Charlotte. They had lived here for several years and picked up various friends along the way. And now we were all together for dinner, all 12 of us.

We knew they would pick a good place. Tello's is a classic Italian joint. Hidden in Chelsea on 19th street, it is everything quintessential New York Italian should be. They have the requisite checked table cloths, christmas lights and menus with melted edges from getting too close the candles.

While the food wasn't the main point of the evening, we were pleased. JB and I ordered simply. We split a Caesar salad and we each had penne with meatballs. Personally, I would have preferred spaghetti with my meatballs. So I ate more meatballs than penne, and isn't that the point?

It is definitely a red sauce place, although Lindsay who must be suffering from lack of water in Charlotte, ordered the lobster.

I don't recall the wine but there was lots of it. And suddenly, our table of 12 became instant friends. A perfect New York evening.

Until we eat again, KLB