For those of you not from the greater NY/Hamptons area, here are some basics of our language to get you started.  We've also added some of the Bergers favorite and frequently used terms.

- Battoo: A tattoo on the back.  In context when at the beach, "Whoa, I didn't realize that mom from the pre-school had such a huge battoo."
- City, The: NYC, of course, where the Bergers met and started this blog.
- Jitney: A fancy name for a bus that transports passengers to and from the East End of Long Island and the City
- Locals: People who live in the Hamptons year-round, maybe, it depends on who you ask.  Some will argue that you need to grow up in the Hamptons to be local and if not, you are a deemed a "transplant". 
- Quicksie: New favorite term for something done quickly.
- Season: In the Hamptons, typically the summer, but in recent years has expanded to April through October (maybe Thanksgiving) .
- Summer people: People who come in season only -- and most just in July and August. 

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