Sunday, March 15, 2015

Quicksie Sushi Lunch: Kaji Sushi and Lounge, Garden City, NY

Got $9? You can have a very pleasant sushi lunch at Kaji in Garden City. For that price you get green tea, miso soup, a small salad with the requisite ginger dressing and two rolls of your choice. The rolls are of the basic kind - yellowtail scallion, tuna avocado, shrimp tempura - you know the drill. Still for $9 it can't be beat.

If you like it and have the money - dinner gets more interesting. Spicy tuna gyoza are a favorite. And cocktails. Saketini anyone??

Until our next burger,

Kaji Sushi and Lounge
965 Franklin Avenue
Garden City, NY

On the Run Vietnamese Sandwiches: Boi Sandwich, New York, NY

On the run in NYC? A stop at Boi Sandwich on 3rd Ave in midtown is a mandatory.  In a matter of two minutes you can be indulging in one of their authentic Vietnamese sandwiches.

We suggest the signature BBQ pork with all the fixins - mayo, cilantro, cucumber and daikon radish. Feeling vegetarian? The veggie with fried tofu, cabbage, bok choy and avocado is just as delicious, maybe better. 

All sandwiches have a big chewy baguette. The French did colonize Vietnam, if you recall. So don't count out their skills in the boulangerie. 

Take out is the only choice. No matter, these flavors will last for hours. And with time, it just gets spicier. 


Until our next Burger,

Boi Sandwich
708 3rd Avenue (between 44th & 45th)
New York, NY
No website, but check MenuPages

A chain reaction: Miller's Ale House (Nationwide!)

Sometimes you need a kid-friendly chain restaurant. With TVs, coloring books, kid cups and alcohol. Lots of alcohol.

To satisfy this need we chose Millers Ale House for 4 adults and 4 kids for Sunday brunch.  There's beer in the title. 

Food is typical. Burgers, salads, sandwiches. Fried calamari was better than I've had in much fancier locales. Sizzling fajitas stood out. 

But mostly the beer did, or cider, or whatever your alcoholic fancy. 

Service is helpful and friendly. A kid hot dog wound up on the floor and boom, a new one arrived, free of charge. 

So pile up the kids and head on over. They have over 70 locations across the country, so there's probably one close to you. 

Bonus: kids eat free on Tuesdays. Suggestion to the management - how about parents drink free on Mondays or really any day? 

Until our next Burger,

Miller's Ale House
Find your nearest location:

A Mexican Winner (in a Strip Mall!): Tocalo Cantina, Garden City, NY

You know you're officially a Long Islander when you are excited about dining in a strip mall. And before you start questioning my sanity, note that Tocolo Cantina in the Gallery at Westbury Plaza is no ordinary strip mall establishment. Prior to establsihing his Long Island prowess, Alexis Samayoa the chef worked at some extraordinary New York City eateries including WD-50 under the tutelage of Wylie Dufresne and Alex Stupak of Empellon Cucina.  So I was expecting great things from this new Mexican restaurant in Garden City.

When you enter the soaring space bathed in turquoise you forget that you are sandwiched between the Container Store and the Sports Authority Elite. Our group came for the $15 two-course lunch. A steal in any locale. Course 1 offers a variety of guacamoles and salsas with homemade corn chips. (Note: lots of choices for Gluten-free diners) Guacamole is brightly flavored with just the right amount of lime. A mango version offers a more fruity approach. An ear of Mexican street corn or ceviche are also on offer.

Course two gives more options - tacos, salads or tortas. Tacos, at two to an order, are on the smallish side. The fish tacos, fried "Baja style" are the fan favorite, though the pork belly pack the biggest flavor. Speaking of packing, the tortas are huge Mexican sandwiches. Just massive, especially compared to the tacos. 

Don't count out the salads, a kale, quinoa and queso fresco with an agave dressing was lighter in calories but still up there in taste. 

And the best surprise was a complimentary shot of Mexican hot chocolate for all members of our party. Wow - what a combination of flavors - nutmeg, cinnamon, hot pepper - yum. 

And that was just lunch. Dinner offers bigger choices like paella, fideo and enchiladas. And don't forget drinks - this could be the next big spot for happy hour - margarita, sangria, you name it.

The New York Times thinks it's excellent and so do I. 

Save some room for shopping. 

Until our next Burger,

Tocolo Cantina 
920 Old Country Road
Garden City, NY