Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Happy New Year at Katz's Deli, 10/4/05

JB and I conveniently chose to celebrate the New Year at a temple on the Lower East Side. Convenient because it was only two blocks from Katz's Deli. And that's where we headed after services yesterday.

I'd technically never eaten there. Sure, I'd been in a few times, I think JB may have bought a hot dog, but this was my first official experience.

It was mobbed. And it was a Tuesday at 1:30PM. Tourists clutched their maps as we fought our way through the lines.

At Katz's you get a ticket and then go to a specific line depending on what you want to eat. At the line they mark your ticket and at the end of the meal you hand in the ticket and pay. Some system.

We first headed to the hot dog line and the drinks line. Two hot dogs and two Dr. Brown's. We were in full swing and ready for our next course.

JB needed pastrami. I abhor it, so we compromised with a soup and half sandwich deal. I had the matzoh ball soup, JB had half a pastrami sandwich.

The matzoh balls were nice and firm and the soup just salty enough. JB kvelled over his pastrami.

Here's the thing about Katz's. It's crazy and it's expensive. Don't go for a quick bite or a cheap snack. Go for the experience and what a better time than New Year's Day.

Until we eat again, KLB

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