Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Tsuki, 10/4/05

So for New Year's Part II, we were full. After a night of brisket, chopped liver and gefilte fish and a lunch of hot dogs and pastrami, our pants were bursting. But you have to eat, especially on the Jewish holiday.

We thought sushi was the next best thing to a traditional Jewish homecooked meal. So we met JB's mom at Tsuki on 1st Avenue and 75th street for some simple and tasty fish.

Like I said, we wanted to eat light so it was raw fish all around.

I had tuna over a bed of rice and JB and his mom has sashimi.

The sushi at Tsuki is high quality. You pay more for it sure, but it's worth it. They have some of the best white tuna around.

It's a great place before a movie or a weeknight dinner. There is no atmosphere to speak of, but you're not there for the experience, you're there for the food.

Try it some time.

Until we eat again, KLB

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