Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Tello's, 9/30/05

Every once in awhile, you happen upon a big group dinner. You know the type - long table, new people, lots of wine.

Friday night we found ourselves in the epitome of the group dinner. Lindsay and Carter, recently married, were up in NYC from Charlotte. They had lived here for several years and picked up various friends along the way. And now we were all together for dinner, all 12 of us.

We knew they would pick a good place. Tello's is a classic Italian joint. Hidden in Chelsea on 19th street, it is everything quintessential New York Italian should be. They have the requisite checked table cloths, christmas lights and menus with melted edges from getting too close the candles.

While the food wasn't the main point of the evening, we were pleased. JB and I ordered simply. We split a Caesar salad and we each had penne with meatballs. Personally, I would have preferred spaghetti with my meatballs. So I ate more meatballs than penne, and isn't that the point?

It is definitely a red sauce place, although Lindsay who must be suffering from lack of water in Charlotte, ordered the lobster.

I don't recall the wine but there was lots of it. And suddenly, our table of 12 became instant friends. A perfect New York evening.

Until we eat again, KLB

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