Monday, October 31, 2005

The Bergers are Back! 10/31/05

Friends and fans,

We're back. The past 4 weeks have been a whirlwind of healthy food, fast food and downright boring food. Seriously, I was close to becoming Jared after all the Subway sandwiches I consumed. But the good news is we saved a few bucks and shed a few pounds, so we can't complain.

Below is a quick snapshot of some of the more memorable meals. Trust me there are more to come and soon!

- Amber (NYC): I became obsessed with takeout sushi and jumped at the chance to order from this newish spot on the Upper East Side while visiting Jenn at her new (and awesome) apartment. Sushi was fresh but delivery was slow. I'll have to take JB there one night before the movies.

- Cottonwood (Boston): My co-workers and I had an hour before our flight so we had a late lunch at this Tex-Mex restaurant Back Bay. I thought it was unremarkable, I had some type of salad, and therefore was shocked when I logged on to citysearch where it is highly rated. Must be a Boston thing. (Note: To all in Boston, it was just a day trip, I will call next time there is an evening involved)

- Babette's (East Hampton): This was one of our super healthy meals. I dined on egg whites and fruit on the patio watching East Hampton go by. JB scoped for talent. I hear its mobbed here in season.

- Mt. Fuji (South Hampton): More Sushi. JB was excited to sit at the tatami-like table. I was a little tuna'ed out. JB's sushi platter though was better than expected. No crab stick (Yeah!)

- Caffe Linda (NYC): Lunch with Mom and Dad was rushed, but the atmosphere is great for Midtown Manhattan. Only a block from my office, it was the perfect place to forget about the workday for a little while. The food not stellar and my shrimp salad was miniscule, but that wasn't the point. I bet the pasta is good.

- Baby Moon (West Hampton Beach): Finally, some real food! JB had spaghetti and meatballs, I had baked eggplant. They give you a lot including salad, garlic knots and bruschetta. It almost made up for the REALLY BAD service. Almost.

- Tir Na Nog (NYC): We missed the train, I lost JB in Penn Station, I was a wreck. We went to Tir Na Nog to calm down. Two beers later, some baseball, a lot of U2 fans and chicken fingers, it was the best thing that happened all week.

We also tried something different this month: home cooking! Two standouts were JB's tilapia and Christie's salmon. I don't even like salmon and I liked this.

I'm taking recommendations on where to go next. Obviously I have my list, but if there's a place you want to know more about, send us! After this past month the Bergers are ready for some amazing meals.

Until we eat again, KLB


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Sarah Fullerton said...

I am offended that you didn't call me while one block away... and you're right, Cottonwood is unremarkable at best. The only edible item on the menu is the Enchiladas Verdes. ~Kemper

KJ said...

Glad to see you back online! Why is everyone trying to make you money at home in these posts? This is about dining and food I thought.

JB should write about the Long Island Duck from a party facility near JFK airport. It was delicious.

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