Monday, November 07, 2005

Le Zie, 11/4/05

Happy Birthday Emily! We missed the official celebration on Saturday night so we decided to have a birthday weekend kickoff dinner on Friday night at Le Zie. Emily loves Italian and we needed to be close-ish to Penn Station to get our 10:29PM train, so Le Zie on 7th Avenue & 20th Street was a great fit.

When considering Le Zie we were worried that they didn't take reservations. But they did for a party of 6, which we were, so an 8:00 dining time was set. When we ran into Emily & Greg on 7th Avenue at 8:15 I was slightly worried the table would be gone, but Le Zie is very casual. Very casual. They sat us at our 6-top with only 4 of us and were accommodating when Seth & Emily (a different Emily) appeared from the back garden.

Now the food. I had heard lots of rave reviews on Plus my friend Laura recommended the Mac & Cheese and/or the gnocchi. We were set.

JB & I did a mini pasta tasting menu. A pumpkin ravioli to start, followed by the macaroni & cheese with black truffles and the ricotta & spinach tortellini. We shared well, passing back & forth every few bites.

But there were problems. Almost all of the dishes were cold. I do not like cold food. Emily sent her gnocchi back it was so cold.

The pumpkin ravioli was super sweet. Birthday girl Emily had an entree size worth and could not finish.

The macaroni & cheese, as Laura had recommended was the clear winner. Clear winner. Greg & Seth had opted for more meaty dishes, veal and lamb respectively, but all took from the macaroni & cheese.

We did have a fun, and a lot of prosecco.

Oh and by the way, we caught the train by about two minutes. I would not recommend trying to catch a train after a birthday dinner. The buzz goes right through you when you're running for a train.

Until we eat again, KLB

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