Monday, November 07, 2005

The Bergers Drink Beer & Eat a Great Meal, 11/5/05

Free Beer. Two of the best words in the English language for many people. And we found it in Patchogue.

JB and I decided to go on a Long Island excursion. Instead of going east as we typically do, we went west in search of the Blue Point Brewery.

We found it not in Blue Point, but in an unassuming warehouse in Patchogue. We walked in and found a crowded bar. Its crowded because its free. All the beer is free except one or two kinds which cost $1.

We found a spot at the bar and JB had a taste of each of the 10 or so on tap. 10 beers for free. They were small cups and JB couldn't drink them all, but some people do and then some.

I stopped on the light beers but JB went all the way to darkest & stormiest brew. And we got a free tour from one of the brewers. He tastes each beer every day. Tough job.

After all the drinking we were hungry. A guy we befriended at the bar urged us to go to a patches seafood restaurant, but we had had enough of patches and decided to try a new town - Bellport.

We had heard that Bellport is a mini-Hamptons and wanted to see what it was all about -- in the off season. With my trusty Long Island Zagat we read about a restaurant called Bellport Restaurant.

In a word, it was awesome. Some of the best cooking we've had in a long time. Food was simple and delicious. All the ingredients were fresh, portions were large and prices were reasonable.

I splurged on the buttermilk fried chicken, a self-reported favorite, with chive mashed potatoes and string beans. I almost ate the whole thing.

JB started with a lobster bisque, that didn't quite have enough lobster, but finished strong with the Long Island duck. JB is a duck snob. He rarely likes it, but always gets it and is disappointed. Tonight he was thrilled. The duck came in a wine sauce with the leg and the breast, plus a pile of stuffing. (I cannot wait for stuffing at Thanksgiving).

We skipped dessert, and drinks for the matter, but still had a lovely dinner. It was the polar opposite of the Blue Point Brewery, including more money. But it was so worth it. We will be back.

Until we eat again, KLB

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