Monday, September 12, 2005

Cafe Evergreen, 9/12/05

Monday nights we are always faced with the same question. What's for dinner? We are usually too tired to shop and cook or to really enjoy dinner out. So we find ourselves eating a bowl of Special K or pizza from our friends downstairs or, like last week, both. Tonight, though, I wanted a restaurant. It didn't have to be fancy by any means, just have a waiter and maybe a tablecloth.
Without a specific destination in mind, we headed uptown on 1st Avenue. After seriously considering McDonalds (JB's idea) we went a few doors further north to Cafe Evergreen.

We've been to CE several times before. Its not Shun Lee, but its not your typical Chinese place either. They have wine and wine dinners in fact. And they have dim sum.

I followed JB's lead and agreed to share a largely dim sum dinner. Pork was the star tonight. Soup dumplings were sweet, doughy and hot just like the ones at New Green Bo in Chinatown only a lot closer to home. Seared pork dumplings were crispier and full of flavor.

To make ourselves feel slightly healthy we ordered an entree of string beans and eggplant. We welcomed the dish after eating so much pig. But we returned to the swine for dessert. Three delectable pork buns.

Its funny, I would never order pork tenderloin or a pork chop, but put it in soy sauce and I'm all over over it.

I wouldn't call it the most orthodox meal (or Kosher for that matter), but certainly a good one. And those old sayings about not being hungry an hour after you each Chinese....I'm still full and probably will be all week.

Until we eat again, KLB

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