Sunday, September 25, 2005

Puttanesca, 9/22/05

Thursday nights are back. Actually, I think they never left it was just that JB and I were practicing being married and boring. But as of this Thursday we are back in action.

We each had a work function in the early evening that coincidentally both involved margaritas and were both at 38th & 3rd. I had the grain-alcohol specials at Rio Grande and JB had a slightly more refined margarita or two at Margarita Murphy's.

The two of us were in good spirits (pun intended) as we cabbed it to the Hudson for drinks to celebrate Emily's new job. I was concerned that the bar would be mobbed but our friends had secured a table outside and I lounged as I sipped my champagne.

Next up dinner. There were six of us and we had to make a decision. The Hudson Hotel is not necessarily far from good restaurants, but there is nothing in the immediate vicinity except Per Se and Masa of course. (One day I hope!)

We debated going to Bar Pitti in the Village but instead ambled over to Puttanesca on 9th Avenue.

Here's the thing about dining after drinking -- lack of attention to detail. But here's the good news, I remember what I had and what JB had.

I had a simple gnocchi with mozzarella and tomato while JB opted for a chicken paillard.

Everything was good, nothing was stellar. Prices, however, were great! $12 for pasta, $14 for chicken. And everything always seems more reasonable when you've had a few drinks.

I think everyone else had the table had an enjoyable pasta dish. Emily's had some sort of creme sauce, Cartwright's had veal. Oh, and everyone had the San Giovese.

I looked around on some websites to try to jog my memory of the evening and I read that they are supposed to have a spectacular brunch.

I'm not sure I would run back, but if I'm at the Hudson again, I may just stumble over there.

Until we eat again, KLB

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