Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Valentine's Day Special: Via Emilia, 2/14/06

Many years ago, JB and I had our first date at a restaurant called Trattoria I Pagliacci on Park Avenue South. I still remember what I wore (grey skirt, black sweater, black boots) and what I ate (minestrone, grilled calamari) which is a good thing because the restaurant no longer exists. Instead, Via Emilia is in its place. And for the past few years, JB have headed there for Valentine's Day.

It is small, no reservations, cash-only type of place. Most tables are two tops, so it should be romantic, but there is a lot of light and bare walls. Yet, the food is consistently terrific.

Their specialty is stuffed pastas. Perennially, I get the pumpkin torteloni and this year was no different. It was as sweet as I remembered it. JB mixed it up with lasagna, that he loved, and we both mixed it up with an oysters appetizer. Come on it was v-day.

Dessert was the downfall, the berry pastry was still frozen, but by then we'd had enough Italian wine that it did not matter. I think we'll skip dessert next year and just get an extra order of torteloni.

Until we eat again, KLB

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