Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Bread, 2/28/06

After getting fitted for our bridesmaid dresses for Vicki's wedding, Laura and I felt like eating. We thought we should eat as if we were the actual size that we had to order our dresses in. What better name for a restaurant in this situation than: Bread.

Avoid the carbs no more, Bread is the perfect excuse. This tiny restaurant on Spring streetin Nolita is an Atkins nightmare.

The carbs, of course, outweigh the dietetic options.

We started with a salad - arugula and parmeggiano. Boring and healthy.

The eponymous bread was delicious, although it took awhile to come.

We each had a pasta dish, tortellini for me and lasagna for Laura. I think Laura won. While my tortellini was flavorful, it bordered on too oily. Laura's lasagna on the other hand was meaty and delicious. Lucky her.

Service was slow...but the space fun and the crowd, your typical hipster. I'd go again, if I didn't have a work deadline. Like I do tonight.

Until we eat again, KLB

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