Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Almondito (Wainscott) 2/19/06

We are still loving the Hamptons in the winter and the dining bargains to be had. This weekend was especially great because the offer we found is available all year round and we cannot wait to get it again soon.

Almondito is a cavernous Mexican eatery just on the outskirts of East Hampton. As we pulled up in the 15 degree weather I could imagine 100 people hanging off the deck in the 85 degree weather margaritas in hand. This is a great party place. And they have a great deal. Order by 7 and 3 courses are $19.95. No joke.

OK, entree selections are limited, chicken, salmon or pork, however appetizer choices are varied and portions are HUGE. After eating the delicious chips and salsa (two baskets, we'd skipped lunch) I couldn't finish half my tomato soup with chorizo and corn dumplings. JB on the other hand polished off every mussel on his plate. We both had the chocolate-y chicken mole devouring the bird, spinach, rice and beans. And a simple ice cream scoop for us both.

Dinner, with a large margarita for JB and a pinot noir for me, was just $60! Now that is deal. I'd do the Mexican hat dance to make it my regular place.

Until we eat again, KLB

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