Sunday, February 26, 2006

Mac and Cheese Off, 2/24/06

Our friends Kimberly & Matt decided to do something a bit strange for us this weekend, have people over instead of going out. This night had a twist - a contest,a macaroni and cheese contest to be specific.

4 teams of two squared off in the competition. We were judged on four categories: presentation, individuality, texture and taste.

Here's how it shook out:

- Mini-Mac: Our entry was a basically Annie's Cheddar M & C with a lot of Old Bay Seasoning. We knew, or rather I knew, that since it would be basic, we should beef up presentation. We decided to put some of our wedding gifts to good use and brought espresso cups that we stacked into a pyramid each with an individual serving.

- Suck My Elbows: This elbow casserole dish had way too many onions. Seriously, who puts onions in mac & cheese?

- Cheesus Christ: Obviously, this entry had the best name. In addition to an abundance of cheese, there were crisped breadcrumbs on the top giving the dish amazing texure.

- 7th Heaven: 7 different cheeses made up this overwhelming dish. I only tasted one and it was strong. Everyone else, however, seemed to love it.

In the end, we got third, but we won hands down for presentation. 7th Heaven was a clear winner, followed by CC. Suck my elbows brought up the rear.

Although we didn't win, it was a fun event and different from the traditional going to dinner and drinking lots of wine. Thanks to our hosts and event creators.

Watch out, next year, the Bergers are going to win.

Until we eat again, KLB


Anonymous said...

Alton Brown uses onions in his mac and cheese, that's who.

-Suck on this.

(We love you.)

The Bergers said...

And Alton Brown is an expert?