Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Mo Pitkin's 1/24/06

Ever since I read about Mo Pitkin's I've been dying to go. They positioned themselves as Juedo-Latino restaurant on where else but Avenue A. Think Jewish comfort food, chorizo and Manishevitz-tinis.

We met our friend Amanda for some noshes and catch-up at their East Village location, following a long meeting with our wedding photographer. I needed a drink.

The center of the menu offers specialty cocktails, JB and I each got a spiked egg cream, mine with Stoli Vanilla and his with chocolate vodka. It was like starting with dessert. I could have had 3.

I wanted everything on the menu. They have brisket, roast chicken, matzoh ball soup, cuban sandwiches, you name it.

We settled on the following -- an order of latkes to start, a mo pitkins platter for Amanda, a Mo Burger for JB and deep-fried macaroni & cheese for me. As you can see, we opted for Jewish, not Latino.

In short, the food is good, but it is a little gimmicky. The latkes were fine, better than the ones JB tried to make in a soup pan in December, and surprisingly the applesauce was superior with lots of cinnamon. I didn't have any of the items on Amanda's sampler that included deviled eggs, chopped liver and lots of veggies, but it was served on a seder plate, so that has to be good.

The burger is one of their trademarks. It comes with a shmear of chicken liver and a fried egg. It was too much for me, sort of ripoff on the DB Burger, though not a bad deal at $11.

And then there was the mac & cheese. It was a brick of breadcrumbs sitting in velveeta soup. Inside was perfect macaroni & cheese. This side order was more than enough food for me, I'd argue that it is a meal for two.

An hour later, I'm still stuffed and probably will still be tomorrow. But isn't that the point of good Jewish comfort food?

Until we eat again, KLB

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