Thursday, January 12, 2006

Berger Review! Paul's 1/12/06

Boy I have missed these Berger Reviews. Its been a busy beginning to 2006 and today I finally had my first burger of the year.

I met JB at Paul's on 2nd Avenue near 8th Street in the East Village. According to JB it's a "dive" but who doesn't love a good dive. I certainly do.

Paul's is full of NYU students, wanna-be NYU students and people like us who read that Paul's has one of the best burgers in town. There were even a few tourists in the corner, complete with camera and all.

JB got there first and was moved to a few different tables before I got there 15 minutes later. (Note: I was not late, he was early!) He was disgruntled upon my arrival but his mood quickly picked up when we got a back table against the wall.

Burgers are the thing here. I ordered a mozzarella burger with grilled onions and JB opted for a cheddar deluxe that also came with raw onion, lettuce, tomato shoestring fries. He also splurged on a vanilla shake.

We noshed on the complimentary pickles and watched Jeopardy on the big screen while we waited. The milkshake came first which was mostly milk and little shake.

The burgers followed quickly and were 8 ounces of delight. They were greasy, flavorful and cooked to our specifications. They also got it right with the bun which was slightly smaller than the burger so you weren't stuck with a boring bun at the end. The shoestring fries were top-notch and there were plenty on the deluxe for both of us to share.

At the end of the meal, we'd spent less than $20 and were more than satisfied.

So the question remains, is Paul's the best burger? Probably not, but it's up there. We have some more burgers to review.

Until we eat again, KLB

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