Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Berger Review! Burke in the Box, 1/18/06

It seems that everyone wants to get on the burger train these days. First it was Daniel Boulud, then Danny Meyer and now the latest entry, David Burke.

You'll find Burke in the Box at Bloomingdales, believe it or not. You can enter from the cosmetics department or 59th Street. The idea is smart, have a snack and keep on shopping.

JB and I stopped in for just that in between another one of my all-too frequent visits to the Bobbi Brown counter and a quick movie.

We opted for the sliders which at $9.95 include 3 mini-burgers in haute-cuisine style. They looked terrific and tasted terrible. A serious miss.

The meat was completely dry and the brioche bun was hard. The highlight was the lone cherry tomato atop the bun secured by a toothpick.

This burger is not worth it, too bad, because I would have been a very regular customer.

Until we eat again, KLB