Thursday, June 27, 2013

Berger Review: Brindle Room, New York, NY

When I read Thrillist's list of the 33 best burgers in the country earlier this week, I was devastated. I had not eaten a single one.  And it is not as if these burgers can be found in far-flung places - most major metropolitan areas are on the list.  My mission was simple; start eating these burgers. 

The first conquest was the Brindle Room in NYC. 

JB and I were in NYC for a birthday party  (a fabulous party, I must say) and as the night wore on, and the prosecco glasses were consumed, I hatched my plan.  We'd takeout one burger to share for the car ride back home to the Hamptons.  

I called in advance as we drove over to the East Village and I ran into what appeared to be a non-descript, almost-empty restaurant.  Granted it was after 11 on a Wednesday night.  I traded $15 for a brown paper bag of fries and the (famous) Steakhouse burger, and jumped back into the car. 

My only regret was ordering just 1.  The Brindle Room sears their burger in a cast iron skillet and smothers it in cheese (I chose swiss) and carmelized onions.  Each bite is packed with a rich delicious fatty burger flavor.  Apparently, the blend of the burger meat includes "deckle" which is the outside edge of the ribeye.  We should all become deckle fans. 

The bun is nothing fancy and does not need to be, it is merely a burger vessel.  And the burger comes with a bag of hand-cut fries that we skipped in an attempt to have some self-control.  Some. 

1 Down.  32 to go. 

Until our next Berger,

277 East 10th Street
New York, NY

On the Side:  The Steakhouse burger is not officially on the dinner menu (though it is on the lunch menu), but they always have it, so just ask. 

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