Sunday, December 18, 2005

Rectangles, 12/18/05

I'm so over brunch. I like eggs just as much as the next person, but waiting in line at EJs for an hour seems so 5 years ago. I still like to eat at the brunch time, but not your typical brunch fare.

JB and I, exhausted from holiday parties, set out this morning (or early afternoon)and wanted something different. We settled on Rectangles, a relatively recently relocated Israeli Kosher restaurant on 1st Avenue in the 70s. We both had a strange craving for falafel.

There was not a yarmulke in sight at the restaurant but there was Israeli TV. The menu was filled with kabobs, stuffed cabbage other typical Israeli staples. We chose two falafel platters and a white bean soup. Oh and JB wanted french fries.

The tomato-based white bean soup came with hot, fresh from the oven pita. We shared the bowl which was simple and tasty. Midway through our soup the fries came which we found a bit strange. We asked if we could get them with the falafel instead and they happily obliged.

The falafel platters came with five balls each on a bed of tahini and more pita. I found the falafel had a good crispiness, but the tahini too smoky. JB thought it was perfect. New fries arrived which were good, although nothing special.

All in all, we were happy with our choice. There was no wait and no $12 egg whites. In fact, our whole meal with a nectar soda for JB came to $24. Definitely a bargain. The one thing I did miss those sweet potato fries at EJs....

Until we eat again, KLB


Anonymous said...

sparkys looks like my kind of place

Anonymous said...

not so sure about rectanles-what is fafalel?

bergersandmore said...

Falafel is typically chickpeas that are mashed and fried. Delicious.

Kemper said...

Yum, I love falafel.

Anonymous said...

is this your most recent blog=pop