Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Golf Course Dining Part II, 8/20/05

JB is obsessed with golf. So much so that since we're both obsessed with food, we now have to go restaurants at the golf course. After spending last weekend at 2 different golf courses (see Golf Course Dining Part I to be posted later this week), we were on to our 3rd golf course.
I had planned a "Day of Fun" for JB which included tennis, a golf course lunch, some putting, the Writers & Artists solftball game in East Hampton and sushi.

After looking through my Long Island Zagat, I saw that there was a restaurant called The Fairway in Sagaponack at a public course. It was on the way to East Hampton, so we braved the traffic and the heat (our purple Ford Taurus has no A/C) and hit the course.

JB was immediately in love. It was a diner on the golf course. And this diner had outdoor seating with a view of the putting green and the final hole. JB had to strategically position himself so as not to miss any action.

Unfortunately, the food was not good. JB's cheeseburger came with cheddar that was still cold. He picked at the burger and then said he wasn't that hungry after all. I tasted the meat and it was just plain ordinary, especially after the PJ Clarkes burger from the day before.

I had a grilled cheese which had promise since it offered four different kinds of cheeses, American, Swiss, Cheddar and Mozzarella, plus bacon on whole wheat toast, double decker style. Here the cheese was melted, but they were separated and not blended together.

Although the food was not great, I think we'll be back. There aren't that many golf course dining options. Hopefully, we'll each have something better next time.

Until we eat again, KLB

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