Thursday, August 25, 2005

Berger Review! Triangle Pub, 8/12

Now that I am a Berger, I love to eat them even more. JB makes a terrific burger, but I am always on the quest to find one that lives up to my new name. One recent discovery is the Triangle Pub in Eastport, NY. For those of you who are not Long Island geography experts, Eastport is just west of Westhampton, and calls itself the "Gateway to the Hamptons." One of the best stops in this "Gateway" town is the Triangle Pub.

We passed it countless times without considering going, its right off of Sunrise Highway and the parking lot is usually packed with Harleys. But I saw a post on (one my fave websites) that raved about their burger. So we gave it a try.

At $6 for a large burger, the small is $5, its the best deal in the almost-Hamptons. All sides are extra, including lettuce and tomato. But for about $8 you can build a great burger. They are large and filling with the meat packed loosely, similar to a Jackson Hole burger.

The atmosphere is non-existent and the rest of the menu I'd skip, but if you want a good burger and still have miles to go until you hit a real Hampton, its a great stop.

Until we eat again, KLB

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