Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Berger Review! PJ Clarkes, 8/19/05

Friday afternoon, I actually ate lunch on my lunch hour, with two friends from high school. Vicki was visiting from Boulder having just gotten engaged and Laura, a fellow NYer, was recently back from a trip to Italy & Spain. I, being the only one crunched for time, chose the closest place to my office, PJ Clarkes.

When I arrived there was a line, I had thought it wouldn't be crowded since it was a summer Friday, but I guess not. Vicki and Laura perservered and we were seated at the corner table. Its perfectly fine for three females, but JB (Mr. Berger) would not have enjoyed such a tight space.

The three of us had the same burger, cheddar, medium. As good as I remember it, not too big and not too small. The bun was spectacular. It may be that I've given up my "no-carb lifestyle" for a "some carbs are good, especially at restaurants, lifestyle" but the bun was so soft that I ate both sides. I have not done that in a long time.

Speaking of old habits. As a part of my no-carb life, I stopped eating french fries, cold turkey. I remember eating a large fries from McDonalds somewhere in Connecticut on New Year's Day 2003. We had just spent a week in Vermont doing some heavy eating and drinking, after finishing my McFlurry I vowed to my parents and JB that I would not even touch a french fry for 1 year. The self-imposed ban lasted two and half years, until on our honeymoon I reached over and grabbed a few fries off of JB's plate. For the past two months, I have a had a fry here and there. I'm not over them, but I don't crave them. But the fries at PJ Clarkes were excellent. They brought me back to that day in January. I had missed fries. (We also had the onion strings, which did not receive as much fanfare, but were spicy and tasty nonetheless).

As a Berger, I'd like to think that I can pick out a good one. I picked out JB after all. PJ Clarkes is definitely on the Berger list.

Until we eat again!

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