Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Unfinished Business: Brewology, Speonk, NY

Speonk (def.) 1) A town on Eastern Long Island that sounds like a bird noise. 2) A strange sounding stop on the Long Island Railroad. 3) The place where we lived for many years. 4) The home to a new restaurant by a critically acclaimed chef?

It is true. Speonk is finally coming into it's own with a real restaurant that serves more than just pizza, bagels or Chinese food. Brewology promises to be a high-end, year-round, foodie destination. 

The problem is - we didn't love it. 

Actually, we started off liking it a lot.

We had drinks at the bar with M&M.  Margaritas were delish.  Oysters were consumed.
The space is loud, very loud.  But that's fun, right?  I like noise, but not everyone does.

In lieu of bread, Brewology offers Soft Pretzels.  Yum. To start we shared 4 dishes.  The pickle plate was terrific and surprise, it had more than just pickles - radishes, asparagus and carrots were all tangily perfect.  A Red Caesar salad had Soft Pretzel croutons and a tangy dressing.  Fried green tomatoes were just OK as was the Fig-A-Licious, a plate of cheeses and figs.

Now I've heard that Brewology's burger is top-notch.  We should have ordered 4 of those.  But instead we ventured into braver territory. The Scallop BLT sounded good to both JB and me, and we were disappointed when it arrived.  The scallops looked like they have been through a war, just ragged and torn.  Bacon was good though (obv).

A "Long Island Cheese Steak" comprised of duck breast and smoked gouda appealed to our group on paper.  In person it was terribly rich.  It was a Wow at the first bite kind of dish, so-so at the second bite and please take it away after the third bite.

The best of the entrees was the Deep Fried Ribeye.  Kind of hard to make that taste bad.  Oh, and we all loved the Fried Potatoes Nests aka Fries.

We hoped to end well with dessert.  We didn't.  Our S'more finisher was overly deconstructed and more like a pudding.

Now I'm torn.  We want to like it, we want it to be good.  Maybe it was an off night? Maybe we ordered wrong.

I think they deserve a second chance.  I'll report back.

Until our next Burger,

295 Montauk Highway
Speonk, NY

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Always enjoy your reviews! Thanks for the shout out!