Friday, December 27, 2013

A Groupon Steak Feast: Delmonico's, Southampton, NY

When Groupon first appeared on the scene, I was an instant fan.  Discounts on food, massages, clothes?  YES! But then I found myself purchasing items I really didn't need and struggling to redeem them on time.  So I cooled off.  Occasionally though, there is something too good to pass up.  Like the Groupon I found for Delmonico's Steakhouse in Southampton, NY.
       * $100 for 4-courses for 2, including wine *

Sign me up.  I quickly purchased the deal and immediately felt satisfied.  And then I waited.  And waited.  And soon, as with all Groupons, the expiration date loomed.  No need for a special occasion, an offer was expiring.  I picked a Friday and tried not to eat a big lunch.

On a July Friday, this place would be packed.  On a December Friday, it was empty.  The room was welcoming with a roaring fireplace and just two tables of two seated next to it.  "Have a Groupon?" the host asked when we arrived - I guess we weren't the only ones.

The Groupon offered some impressive choices.  For the the first course there were two salads, a crab cake and a soup special.  JB opted for a heaping wedge salad covered in bacon and blue cheese.  My Caesar salad was standard and tiny compared to JB's.  The second course was a mushroom risotto.  Being mushroom averse, I inquired about a mushroom-free risotto.  I was initially told that my request could not be accommodated, and then the server returned victoriously with my sans-funghi creamy and cheesy risotto.  Note: JB was a fan of the mushroom version.

The third course was a no-brainer for us both among the choices - a 40 day prime aged strip steak.  This was the best part of the deal.  The steak was perfectly cooked and massive.  It could have used a side, but we really did not need it.  After JB helped me to finish mine, we still had to take some home.

Dessert offered just one choice - a salted caramel and chocolate tart with vanilla ice cream.  I ate the tart and JB the ice cream.

Service was brisk, a la steakhouse style, and we did have to pay full tax and tip on the meal, so it wasn't just $100 even. While still a tremendous deal,  it is, unfortunately, no longer on offer on Groupon.  Furthermore, I have heard rumors this location may close (or perhaps just for the Winter season).  So I will consider myself lucky that I got to eat a great meal at a great price.

Until our next Burger, 

Delmonico's of Southampton
268 Elm Street
Southampton, NY

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