Friday, April 26, 2013

A Season Opener: Starr Boggs, Westhampton Beach, NY

Some background for those of you non-locals (Hamptons locals feel free to skip this part).  We live in a resort area. There are more and more people who live here year round, like us, but there is still a "season".  In season, our formerly quiet village becomes a madhouse, and personally, I love it. 

There are two annual season openers that are a must.  We recently got to partake in them both.

1.  The Dockers Kickoff Party
The biggest appeal of this event is that it is free. Dockers does have a beautful waterfront setting and decent food, but it's usually too cold to stand outside for more than one drink at the kickoff party and they don't serve the real restaurant food at the party.  I recommend going for the 2 hours of free drinks and free food and then taking your buzz elsewhere.  I don't think it would be fair to judge Dockers by what they give away, so I won't.  Let's just say, free drinks=no brainer.  Get on their list so you can go next year.

2.  Starr Boggs Opening Night
This is a tough one. Given my upcoming travel schedule and not wanting to leave JB home alone with the boys, again, I almost didn't go and then changed my mind.  I needed to go to see my friends, to participate in this annual tradition, and, of course, for the sake of the blog (thanks, blog).  And as you get to know the Bergers, you'll know we hate to decline an invitation to go out.  So off I went.

Since it was opening night, there was a special commemorating the year - $20.13 for any appetizer and entree off the menu.  This is a tremendous deal considering most of their entrees hover in the $30 range and apps around $15. There were a few supplemental charges, but I chose the standard fare, that may have been where I went wrong.

I had the caesar salad which was delicious after I picked the anchovies that were supposed to "only be in the dressing".  For my main, I chose the Lamb Trio.  I usually go for the flatiron steak at SB, but since I'd had steak for lunch (no joke my office cafeteria makes a mean skirt steak), I chose something different.  Lamb is usually one of my favorites - not tonight.  The trio consisted of moussaka (too much cinammon or allspice or something like that), lamb sausage (too oily) and lamb loin (completely rare).  So my order was a flop. 

Everyone else seemed pleased with their dinner but no one in our party of 8 was gushing.  We had dessert, too, an unremarkable flourless chocolate cake. 

Starr Boggs is a good restaurant, JB and I had an excellent meal there last August at the height of the season.  When I got married, we had my bridal luncheon here.  This time, it missed the mark. 

The restaurant is beautiful, the service is always great, and they have a stellar wine list - we had a lot of that, too.

I will go back later once the season has picked up and so should you.  Just be wary of what you order. 

Until our next Berger,

Starr Boggs
6 Parlato Drive
Westhampton Beach, NY 11978

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