Friday, April 19, 2013

7 Years Later - The Bergers are Really Back!

The Bergers are back - can you believe it? We've been thinking about restarting our blog for awhile, but something always got in the way, like a baby.  But we have new inspiration and it's time to go accomplish what we've always dreamed of - eating well and spreading the word. 

A quick recap on our life for our followers, we've been out of NYC full time for almost 7 years, living on the East End of Long Island, a place rich with farmstands, wineries and over-priced restaurants. There are now 2 more Bergers, Z and D, who (lucky for us) are both burger fanatics. JB did a few chef stints and now says he works full-time as a private chef for the three of us in between his SAHD duties.  I still have the day job that occasionally takes me to some interesting, foodie places, like Indianapolis (seriously, I do love going to Indy). What hasn't changed is our love for food, how we research every foodie opportunity that we face - be it what to cook for dinner or where to stop for lunch on a road trip. 

 For those of you new to Bergers & More here are a few details about how Bergers & More works:

1. We love to share our restaurant experiences, from dives to fine-dining, we are up for anything but our fave is to go out for burgers. We get extra excited when we have a "Berger Review".
2. Sadly we don't go out to eat as often as we did at the inception of B&M, so we will also feature any amazing meals that JB makes for us (Note: you will not get any amazing cooking tips from me unless you want to hear how I recently caught the broiler on fire or melted Saran Wrap). Or perhaps some awesome snack that one of us uncovers on our travels.  Our goal is to post at least one review a week, even if it's been one of those weeks where you just get takeout every night. 
3. You can be a part of Bergers and More, too. The easiest way is to go out with us!  Or give us a recommendation and we'll try to go and review it! 

Now about our signoff, when we started in 2005, we closed all of our blogs with "until we eat again". I'm not saying anyone stole my idea BUT now there is a much more prominent blogger with the same sign off who uses the same closing, so I'll be the bigger blogger and simply say:

Until our next Burger...

P.S.  - For kicks, take a look at some of the old posts. I know I enjoyed re-reading them.

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