Friday, February 27, 2015

A Skipper: Joes Garage, Riverhead, NY

We're continuing our explorations in Riverhead.  Our latest venture took us to Joe's Garage, located on the ground level of an apartment complex overlooking the Peconic River (and McDonalds). So really, not that scenic.

Regardless, they do a big outdoor business and in the winter that area is tented and heated for crowds. But from our experience, I don't expect very large ones. 

They do have one good thing on the menu: Tokyo Drift sliders.  These beauties have pork belly, cucumber salsa, kimchee and a spicy sauce. The Pork Belly is crispy, salty and fatty -- all the things that pork belly should be.  

Other than that, skip the rest of the menu. Burgers were small and lacked flavor. And the fries were not fries at all, rather potato discs. If I order fries, I want fries, and fries are not round.

A creamy bacon grits appetizer with a 5 cheese blend sounded tasty. It wasn't. It was greasy, mushy and I never actually saw any pieces of bacon. 

Even the salads were eh. The servers said the ribs are the best. Not that I'd believe these servers anyway. 

When I asked for a wine list, I was given a dumbfounded look. "Ok, do you have any sparkling?" I suggested. The response, "Um, no."Another try, "Do you have Prosecco?" Finally, "Uh, yeah. We got Prosecco." 

Sorry, Riverhead.  This one is a skipper.  But we'll keep exploring.

Until our next Burger, 

Joe's Garage
40 Peconic Avenue
Riverhead, NY

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